COD AW Aimbot?

I'm fairly certain this isnt real but hey. why not? Check it out.

Pixelmon 3.2?

It has come to our attention that Pixelmon has launched an open beta. We are currently porting the pokeradar to this version of Pixelmon.(Thank You).

Pokeradar v2.5 Released! July 17 - 2014 UNDETECTABLE!!!

New Features!

  • PokeRadar is now UNDETECTABLE!!!
  • Larger Circles for Shinies, Bosses, & Legendaries
  • Added Players to the Radar
  • Detects Statues as statues and not Pixelmon now(They are grey dots)
  • Search Multiple Pokemon by seperating with commas EX: (mew, mewtwo, groudon)
  • New dots for legendaries!!
  • You can now hover over dots to see pokemon/player's names and levels.
  • Pokemon owned by players don't show up as shiny or etc now.
  • Optimization(Tons of it)
  • Changed zoom in and out keys to minus(hyphen) and equals(has a plus on it also) respectively. (They're right beside backspace on most keyboards)

Download It Here

Everyone go say thanks to a new addition to the PokeRadar Team: CallMeTheDr on MinecraftForums, Hes awesome!

Pokeradar v2.0 Released! July 11 - 2014

You have been long awaiting a new update for the PokeRadar! Now it is here. Sadly due to college, I have been very busy and had to drop the PokeRadar project whilst in classes(I am also taking summer classes). Sometimes the Minecraft world moves too fast for me, Minecraft updated all the way to 1.7.10 from 1.6.4 since we last met. I had to re-learn the entire Forge Development Environment.

Because Pixelmon Has just recently updated I was forced to re-create PokeRadar for this version of Minecraft/Pixelmon due to incompatibility issues. Thanks so much for your patience and the support for this project. FYI Expect PokeMarts to be back sometime soon. WITH ALOT MORE FEATURES! :P

               -Sincerely ChunkBin

Download It Here

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